For Doctors:


In the current situation of pandemic, Vytal has launched a mobile app for public use - "Vytal Health Tracker"( to help people in quarantine and community workers risking their lives to service the public. It is designed to educate, support, track symptoms and vitals, remote monitoring by doctors and, once the storm passes, enable longitudinal tracking of patients and their health parameters to gain insights. The app also delivers messages that can be used in communications to support mental and psychosocial well-being, including relaxing games that can help ease down stress levels. The app tackles the spread of Fake News, keeps people educated and informed about COVID-19 and enables clinical research efforts.
Vytal’s Health Tracker app is linked with Vytal Connect app for doctors enabling Remote Monitoring and Video consultation.  Doctors can remotely monitor the quarantine facility , or home quarantine, by keeping a watch on the daily vital parameters and train caregivers at home through daily live broadcasts.  Doctors get alerted on SMS if any vital parameters go out of acceptable clinical range. They can also see all patient’s data on a large dashboard and schedule a quick video call with the patients.

As the burden on healthcare infrastructure increases, identifying ways and means to leverage what we already have in our labs, factories and even in our smartphones, becomes very crucial. Vytal app has converted our smartphones into mini medical devices. The app offers Photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal using the smartphones in-built sensors in a non-invasive way, without the need for external sensors and it is independent of ambient lighting conditions. From this, Heart Rate HR) and Breathing Rate BR) is estimated by using a peak detection algorithm in order to find the local maxima of the PPG signal and computing the time difference between peaks. In case of any doubt, suspects or community workers can connect with doctors through teleconsultation.  Imagine how easily this can make health monitoring simplified for patients,  safe for doctors, and inexpensive for the Govt.